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3 Summer hairstyles from Blake Lively: steal her [hair]style!

/ 06.30.2014
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  • Fishtail braid
  • Messy half-up hair
  • Bubble pony

L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Blake Lively has awesome hair, this we know to be 100% fact. Her long locks are ridiculously pretty and, fortunately for us, often styled in some very covetable styles. For those of you with long tresses of your own, we've handpicked three of Blake's best summer hairstyles to steal which are all surprisingly easy to imitate.

Sure, we can't give you a starring role in a cult TV show, a diary full of glamorous red carpet invitations or a burgeoning movie career... but we can help you on your way to gorgeous hair!

Fishtail braid

Blake can often be seen sporting some kind of braid hairstyle and one of our favorites is her simple fishtail. Though more intricate than the following styles in this article, it's a 'do that has a really laid back feel and it's just perfect for creating a carefree summer look.

To style: Scrunch some volumizing mousse through damp hair then rough blow-dry. Once dried, part your hair on side with your hands then gather all your hair over one shoulder. Divide the lengths into two halves then fishtail braid all the way down. Secure at the ends with a small hair tie and complete the look with a mist of strong-hold finishing spray.

Hot mess

Recently, the former Gossip Girl did a photo shoot with a messy half-up hairstyle. As far as bad hair day cures go, this one is definitely up there with our favorites now! It's also a great way to rock bed head hair in a way that doesn't look accidental...

To style: Spray dry hair with salt spray evenly throughout. Twist and pin your hair up into two loose buns on either side of your head and leave them to dry for about fifteen minutes. Let your hair down and shake out the buns with your fingertips then tease with a fine-tooth comb to get a fluffier texture. Pin the top layers back into a half-up style then mist again with salt spray.


At the Met Gala in 2013, Blake hit the red carpet with one of the prettiest ponies ever – not because it was on her head, but because it had bubbles in it. If you're looking for an interesting, original style to pair with a ball gown, or any evening/party/bar-hopping attire, you've found it.

To style: Gather your hair up into a high ponytail and secure with a hair tie. Camouflage the tie with a small section of hair from the pony and pin it underneath. At 2" intervals, secure more hair ties down the length of the ponytail, camouflaging each one. Pull the bubbles out a little bit with your hands then spray liberally with a strong hold finishing spray to complete the look.

What do you think? Which style will you try first?


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