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3 Mistakes for men to avoid when getting a haircut

/ 12.12.2014
To get the haircut you really want, make sure you know how to avoid these common mistakes
To get the haircut you really want, make sure you know how to avoid these common mistakes

Have you every had a haircut that wasn't exactly what you expected? If so, you're not the only one. Even with a few screenshots of styles you like, the translation from smartphone to perfectly-coiffed reality can be complicated. Below are three common mistakes a lot of people make during a hair appointment, and a few pointers to help you avoid them!

1. Not doing your homework

Getting a haircut is one of those times when you need to make like a boy scout and be prepared. You need to really think about the cut you want, and whether or not it will work with your hair type, your job and your overall lifestyle.

You should also bear in mind that a few hastily selected Google images aren't necessarily the best guide for your stylist, so spend some time researching your perfect look.

2. Not being specific enough

Communication is key when you're explaining the hairstyle you want. Describe it in as much detail as possible, and take along a photo (not hastily googled) to give your stylist a clear idea of what you're going for.

3. Being a teeny bit dishonest

On a related note, you need to be 100% honest about the amount of time you're willing to spend styling your hair every day. If you tend to do next to nothing, an ultra-groomed look that requires blow-drying probably isn't for you.

While there are a lot of pomades, putties, clays and wax that can help you achieve a polished style in mere minutes, you still need to make your stylist aware of your routine so they can tailor the cut to make styling as easy as possible.

Essentially, you just need to know what you want and be clear and honest when asking for it!

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